Big Six

The Big Six wheel game has two important attributes. It’s the easiest to learn, and has the highest payout of 40:1.  The  game is a great addition to your company party or fundraiser as anyone can instantly pickup the game and start playing.

The brief video below shows you just how easy it can be!

Big Six Overview:

Hence it’s namesake, there are six different possible payout outcomes on the big six wheel. There are sections of the wheel marked with the image of a $1,$2,$5,$10, and $20 bill. There are also two special symbols on the big six wheel.

On the table, the player will find the same bills and symbols on the table layout. Should the wheel land on a bill/symbol the player has bet on, the player will be awarded the value of the dollar bill multiplied by their bet.

For instance $1 pays even money. $5 pays five times the wagered amount. $20 pays twenty times the wager amount.

For the two special symbols, the payout is an astonishing 40 to 1!

It is important to note that the two special symbols are distinct and betting on one symbol does not cover the player should the other symbol be result of the spin.