• Do guests play with real money?

No, these games are provided strictly for entertainment purposes. Guests play with casino chips that have no cash value.

• How old do you have to be to play?

Since no actual money is at risk, anyone mature enough to understand the games can play at a casino party.

• How long does a typical casino party last?

Three hours is the standard block of time in which the dealers will staff the tables.

• How many tables do I need for my casino party?

You will want to have around 70 playing positions for every 100 people at the party. Contact us to let us help you decide how many tables of each game you should consider having at your next party.

• What if some of my guests don’t know how to play any of the games?

Our friendly staff will be happy to teach anybody any of our exciting games.

• I don’t live in Atlanta or Athens. Can you service my city?

Please feel free to contact us. We will work hard to find a solution so that we may bring you the excitement of a casino party no matter where you live.