Split Aces Entertainment is proud to support Liberty In North Korea (LINK). LINK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Torrence, CA  that aims to empower North Korean citizens that have escaped from their totalitarian homeland into China.

North Koreans enjoy no freedom of movement (they are not allowed to leave the country), no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, forced worship of their leaders (especially the Kim family), famine, collective punishment, and public executions. For these reasons alone, many North Koreans choose to make a threatening escape.

While South Korea accepts refugees from North Korea, crossing the border into the South is not possible because of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). For this reason, the only place to escape to is China.

However, for these people, China is far from ideal. Chinese authorities will deport any found North Korean refugee and repatriate them back to North Korea where they may be subject to imprisonment, beatings ,torture, forced labour , or even death. Even if they are able to evade detection, many North Koreans are exploited by predatory  Chinese businesses and are blackmailed into working for free. Often, North Korean women become subjected to sex-trafficking and are forced to work in brothels or sold as wives.

This is where LINK comes in to help. Funds donated to LINK help to organize and maintain rescue teams that serve as an underground railroad to get North Koreans out of China and into Southeast Asia. From there, they have different options to consider for a final resettlement location.

When you book your next casino party with Split Aces Entertainment, a portion of the proceeds will go to help these otherwise ordinary people to finally live  what they have dreamed for so long… an ordinary life.

For more information: visit the LINK website


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